Our Vision


Our Vision is to;

Empower the Body of Christ as we Journey in the Ancient Future Faith!


The question is often asked, "Is your church traditional or contemporary?"


The answer to that question is Yes!

But, by "traditional" we mean we follow in Apostolic tradition both in theology and worship, and by "contemporary" we mean, we follow the Apostolic tradition in our contemporary context.


Therefore, we experience the practice of the Ancient Way in our Future context. which brings us into the Ancient Future Faith.


It's powerful! Some might call it "three-stream", where evangelical, liturgical, and charismatic elements come together, but in some ways it really defies description. It's not seeker, or contemporary, or traditional alone-- our worship endeavors to use the whole palette of colors from the whole of Christian history to paint the grand story of God and the way He calls us to participate in His purposes for the world. You'll find that it's saturated in Scripture and prayer and focuses on Christ as our Supreme King.




The Bridge Anglican Church


531 Devonshire Lane (Real Life Building)

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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